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Medical Justice

An organisation working for the health rights of those in immigration detention

Last updated

on 23.03.2018

The following information is adapted from the Medical Justice website.

Medical Justice offers essential medical help to those held in immigration detention in the UK.

  • About 30,000 people a year are held in indeterminate immigration detention in the UK.
  • Many detainees have suffered torture or ill treatment, have significant and chronic health problems, and a few may be pregnant, or have been detained for prolonged periods of time without any prospect of release or removal.
  • Being detained indefinitely itself causes serious health problems.
  • Many independent reports and legal judgements provide evidence of the inadequate healthcare provided in detention centres, especially for those with mental health problems.

Clinicians volunteering for Medical Justice:

  • document detainees’ scars of torture to assist in their asylum claims
  • challenge medical mistreatment of those held in detention.

These cases provide the evidence for research, publications and campaigns for lasting improvements for detainees.