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Support migrants to access secondary care

Not everyone is entitled to free secondary care. This section outlines how to support access.

Last updated

on 15.03.2018


  • Read the fact sheet on Entitlement to Secondary Care and Urgent and Immediately Necessary Treatments
  • Read the fact sheet on data sharing
  • Be aware of exemptions for charging

During Consultation

  • Ensure you ask about violence, and document
  • Explain the process to the patient
  • Consider whether your patient, or the service they require, is exempt from charges


  • Refer as normal to secondary care, regardless of status
  • Ensure any exemption is documented on the notes
  • If secondary care is refused, challenge if you consider the care urgent or immediately necessary
  • Re-refer those refused if the clinical picture changes
  • Encourage secondary care colleagues to use the attached form, clearly documenting their decision

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