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A novel way of helping patients take and order their medication

Using pictures to support medication compliance

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  • Firth Surgery
Last updated

on 06.04.2018


The surgery were concerned non-English speaking patients, or those unable to read, were struggling to follow medication instructions.

What did we do?

We developed a repeat prescription form, which can be found in tools, using pictures.

This repeat prescription form can be used:

  • to help people know what time to take meds and help to re-order them
  • colour coded: the pharmacist can be asked to put relevant colour markers on the medication boxes for patients who cannot read in English or have limited literacy
  • as a self populating template on EMIS

    Did it work?

    We found patients were more able to follow their medication regimen, and re-order on time.


    We recommend considering adapting this for your practice.