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20/06/19 Meeting questions and answers about TB Screening

Today there was an interesting discussion about TB screening and what is working and not working in Sheffield, the presentation was about the current systems that are in place in the city and that may identify people with latent TB infection (LTBI). The main two systems are that that is carried out in Mulberry practice since 2007 and aimed to all registered patients majority of whom are either refugees or asylum seekers and recently arrived, but not all. The second service responds to the TB strategy from Public Health England (2015) who tests only newly arrived migrants from high prevalence countries (>150/100,000) between 16 and 35 years of age. This is CCG funded and runs in the TB nursing team at Manor Clinic and works closely with Respiratory medicine at NGH. I will be willing to answer questions if I can but would like to ask some too!

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Thanks so much Alicia - hope the discussion leads to the GPs understanding of the service improving. And perhaps adapt it to their patients so it could be used to its full potential! Lizzy over 2 years ago

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