House rules will:

  • Provide a self-moderating forum for discussion among people working with, or interested in, providing primary care services for people new to the UK
  • Only allow verified e-mails such as, to register so you can be sure of who is posting
  • Offer peer support to people in the field of work through the forum
  • Provide updated resources about good/emerging practice in the field of work
  • Offer a respectful and enabling environment for people engaged in forum discussion. will not:

  • Tolerate abusive or disrespectful posts on the forum; this means that sometimes users may be temporarily or permanently suspended. Please email any concerns to

You, as a member of the community will:

  • treat others as you want to be treated, with respect and consideration
  • try to protect personal data and refer to primary care services, rather than individuals providing them
  • flag anything which concerns you. If inappropriate questions or answers are posted, and we haven’t yet spotted them, we would appreciate hearing about them
  • share your good practice, if you think it will benefit the community.

You, as a member of the community will not:

  • Use the forum for advertising or promoting commercial services
  • Post anything which is racist, homophobic, sexist, personally abusive or dismissive of people’s experiences of working with migrants
  • Swear or use offensive language when asking/answering questions.